Top 7 First Aid Kit for Hiking

Hiking is a great activity which allows you to both exercise and take in some wonderful scenery. However, it is not unknown for hikers to have accidents, mostly minor, but occasionally serious. Being equipped with the best first aid kit for hiking is vital, and our reviews will help you choose one.

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What are the Best First Aid Kit for Hiking?


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Last Updated: 10/27/2020

I Go Compact First Aid Kit

I Go first aid kit comes with 85 pieces essential basic life-saving items, has almost everything you need for a medical emergency, allow you to deal with wounds soon to reduce and prevent wound infections. There is still enough space to add your own items.

85 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products are manufactured in modern safety approved facilities, exceeding safety standards for emergency first aid for adults and kids. Please avoiding direct sunlight exposure to protect the medical items.

Organized with dividers for providing quick access. During stressful situations, all medical supplies can be easily retrieved and afterwards replaced in an orderly fashion. Trusted by lifeguards, parents, students, teachers, nurses, drivers and offices.


Swiss Safe First Aid & Survival Kit​

At only 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall, the Swiss Safe First Aid Kit is perfect for taking with you wherever your travels may lead you.

Intelligently organized with 200 first aid items and outdoor survival supplies, including an emergency thermal mylar blanket, magnesium firestarter with built-in navigational compass and emergency whistle, a compact hand saw, an 11-piece fishing kit with swivels and sinkers, and a mini signaling mirror.

Also includes a comprehensive 18-page first aid guide to help you correctly administer first aid both in the wilderness and at home.


Surviveware First Aid Kit & Added Mini Kit

The Large First Aid Kit for hiking, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities comes with the right tools to keep your loved ones safe, including man’s best friend.

The advanced MOLLE compatible straps and snaps allow you to strap this kit to almost anything. Strap it to your roll bar, car headrest and even around a tree to act as a muster station for you and your camp. Everyone should know where the kit can be found. A red kit always attracts attention.

Disaster strikes in seconds. Familiarize yourself with the kit and make sure your traveling partners know where to find what they need as well.


Coleman All Purpose 27 Piece Mini Kit

Tuck this Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit into your purse, backpack or car so you’re prepared for minor emergencies. This 27-piece travel first aid kit contains commonly used first aid kit supplies for minor emergencies. It includes latex free bandages, antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes, making it a versatile all purpose first aid kit. Other first aid items include safety pins, sting relief wipes, razor blade, butterfly bandages, spot bandages and knuckle bandages.

This hard case medical kit comes in a reusable metal tin case that’s crush-proof to protect the contents of this pocket first aid kit. An embossed first aid cross logo allows for quick identification. Keep this compact first aid kit handy for quick use at home, work or while adventuring outdoors.


Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .7 Medical Kit

Face rivers, snow, and the elements without destroying your first aid kit, which has a 100% waterproof DryFlex inner bag and water-resistant outer bag with a durable water repellent finish.

Repair gear quickly on-the-go using the included safety pins and a mini roll of duct tape for temporary fixes in a pinch. A surprise tear or rip doesn’t need to slow you down!

Control bleeding with a trauma pad, dressings, and wide elastic wraps. Stabilize fractures and sprains using a variety of bandages and wraps that immobilize fractures and provide support.

With a wide array of medications, supplies to clean and close wounds, and die-cut moleskin to reduce friction and prevent blisters, this kit can be counted on to treat common injuries without slowing down your adventures.


Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Day Tripper Lite Medical Kit

Find supplies quickly with the Easy Care organization system, which organizes contents by injury into clearly-labeled pockets, letting you easily find what you need at a moment’s notice.

The Day Tripper Lite contains hiking essentials that provide peace of mind without slowing you down and features a durable, water-resistant medical bag.

This compact hiking first aid kit weighs a mere 4oz. and fits easily into your daypack, equipping you with everything you need for an overnight adventure.

Find the emergency supplies you need quickly, even in the dark. The external kit map shows where supplies are located, while the reflective mountain design on the front helps you find the kit quickly at night.



A very close-run thing as all of the kits we reviewed are excellent, however, for its combination of survival and medical items, and a great price, our best first aid kit for hiking is the Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit. It is ideal for hiking and most other outdoor activities.

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