Best First Aid Kit For Running and Biking

Cuts and scrapes, bites and stings, sunburn and chafing rashes are all common outdoors injuries that are easy to treat when you have the right equipment to hand. Some people prefer to build their own do-it-yourself first aid kit but if you want to save yourself the hassle, take a look at our list of the best pre-prepared first aid kit for running and biking.

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What are the Best First Aid Kit for Running And Biking?


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Last Updated: January 13, 2021

Lightning X First Aid Trauma Bag

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial to being able to react quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. An ideal medical bag for EMT first responders and rescue squads, this bag is packed with the EMT supplies that you need for basic life support care. Stocked with BLS supplies and designed to be expertly organized, you won’t lose precious time searching for the right item, everything is at your fingertips.
This bag includes vital BLS supplies like gauze, bandages, wipes, gloves, BP cuff, stethoscope, splints, C-Collar, tourniquet and more. Be prepared when you need to be and save vital time in emergency situations with the LXMB30-SKC first aid bag.
Our premium trauma first aid kit is designed to withstand heavy-duty use wherever you need it. Made of durable water-resistant nylon, this first aid bag features strong nylon straps with padding for comfortable and easy carrying, reflective striping for visibility on both the bag and the strap webbing, and logos embroidered directly into the bag for durability.
This EMT jump bag is designed to be well-organized and customizable so that you can access what you need when you need it. It features two side pockets for easy access to additional gear and elastic webbing on the inner top to hold items that need to be quickly and frequently accessed. Foam dividers for the inside of the first responder bag are outfitted with velcro so they can be customized and easily changed depending on your needs.


Welly Quick Fix First Aid Kit

This pre-assembled kit includes 18 bandages in three colors and a couple of sizes, 3 single-use triple antibiotic ointments and 3 hand sanitizers. This handy tin is the perfect compliment for any adventure, with just the right supplies to keep you covered. When you’re ready for anything, everything is possible.


Herokit Crash Pack​

This ultra-lightweight first aid kit will help you save the day. At only 3.3 ounces and under an inch thick, it’s small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, yet loaded with vital materials and detailed instructions for addressing the most common injuries and incidents on your ride. We hate to say it, but there are only two types of cyclists: those that have crashed and those that will.
Road Rash? This kit does it better than any other first aid kit on the market. No other kit at this weight and price comes with an irrigation syringe so that you can get all the foreign matter out of the abrasion, Lidocaine antiseptic gel, to get the “ouch out” and help prevent infection, and a WoundStop wound dressing, an innovative gauze and compression bandage, originally designed for military use, that allows for one-handed self bandaging.


Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .3 Medical Kit

If you’re looking for a lightweight and waterproof first aid kit to tuck into your day bag, the Ultralight/Watertight .3 Medical Kit is about as minimal as it gets. Packed inside a 5 x 5-inch reusable pouch and weighing in at just over 2 oz, this essentials-only kit is small enough to tuck inside a hydration pack or a PFD pocket. Despite its size, this first aid kit is equipped for most minor outdoor injuries, including blisters, bites and stings, scrapes, splinters, ticks, muscle pain, and allergies.


Red Cross Be Ready First Aid Kit

The Red Cross Be Ready First Aid Kit contains essential first aid supplies to treat cuts, scrapes, pain, swelling and more. The Be Red Cross Ready First Aid Kit contains essential first aid supplies to treat cuts, scrapes, pain, swelling and more. This kit has so much that you would not think to keep in your medicine cabinate and holds so much. Great kit to keep on hand.


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